Antimonopoly watchdog sues Google over gambling ads


The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has initiated administrative proceedings against Google for illegal gambling ads found among the Internet giant’s search results, the regulator reports.

Its commission found contextual ads for an online casino, featured on Google’s pages, to be inappropriate under the Advertisement Act’s provisions. According to Russian laws, it is illegal to advertise gambling on the Internet. The regulator ordered Google to abate illegalities.

Earlier FAS received a complaint from a citizen drawing its attention to the fact that the search engine’s Russian version features the said ad. Moreover, the complainant noted that searching for Russian equivalents of ‘play slots online’, ‘play poker online’, ‘play casino online’, and ‘very funny modern slot machines online’ made Google display blocks of text labelled ‘Ad’ that marketed gambling, gambling establishments, and related services.

The ads in question featured URLs of eight websites offering online gambling, accessible by any Internet user.