President Putin Greets Participants of the 4th annual Safer Internet Forum

7 February 2013
To participants and guests of the 4th annual Safer Internet Forum

Dear friends!
I greet you at this year’s Safer Internet Forum.

It has become impossible to imagine the modern world without the Internet. It entered the daily lives of billions of people, employed by governments and societies alike in all areas of their activity. Traversing boundaries both geographical and national, the World Wide Web provides virtually unlimited access to information and unites citizens of different countries regardless of their nationality, creed, or age. In this context the issue of online safety and privacy of personal information becomes increasingly important. Safeguarding freedom of the Internet, we need to create an effective dynamic system for preventing, detecting, and eliminating cyber-attacks. To shield children and teenagers from illegal material, especially extremist. Here is where a special role is given to the Internet community itself, its position on the issue, its ability to organize itself, to engage in constructive dialogue.

I am convinced that this Forum will strengthen the way governmental bodies, the expert community, and Internet users work together to address these critically important issues.

I wish this Forum a successful conclusion and all the very best to its guests and participants.

Vladimir Putin