Safe Internet League experts analyse over 1 400 child pornography materials online


From January to November 2013 the Safe Internet League’s Expert Centre analysed over 1 400 online materials containing child pornography, with 60 cases forwarded to law enforcement agencies, and the rest to Roskomnadzor. These are the figures quoted in the Expert Centre’s preliminary annual report.

Professional expert assessment of online content for materials which distribution is illegal under Russian laws, namely child pornography, had been the task originally prompting the Expert Centre into being. Its panel of experts includes a software engineer, a fine arts expert (film expert, portrait analysis expert), a psychologist (an education professional), a health professional (paediatrician, psychiatrist), and other professionals. The period mentioned earlier saw more than 1 300 instances of Roskomnadzor commissioning them to analyse online materials containing pornographic imagery of underage persons. It then used their expert assessment to rule on including the web sites hosting these materials in the official Russian Internet Blacklist. Moreover, in around 60 cases the League’s experts were tasked with analysing the materials for illegal content by law enforcement authorities, resulting in 30 prosecutions.

As noted by Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov, the Expert Centre is set to continue performing this function, because ‘at the moment, there is no governmental agency charged with carrying out such expert assessment, the need for which is increasing year on year.’ ‘Also, it must be noted that our Centre lends the government its expertise free of charge, satisfying the independence of expert opinion requirement,’ indicated Mr Davydov.