The Cyberguard social network receives the Runet Prize


One of the Safe Internet League’s projects has become the winner of the 2013 Runet Prize Award. Among the entries recognised in its ‘Health, Entertainment, and Recreation’ category was The Cyberguard social networking site, the first cybersecurity-themed social network.

Launched in September 2013, the social network is open to anyone who wants to commit themselves to making the Web ‘clean’ and safe, from Cyberguard volunteers to law enforcement officers. Each new user will be promoted to Cyberguard informal rank, immediately gaining access to some sections of the specialized network. Those most active in combatting illegal online content will be able to eventually rise up to Tysyachnik (Russian for «Captain of thousand men»), gaining permission to use all the online resources at Cyberguard’s disposal. Officials and law enforcement officers, also welcome to join the network, will have the corresponding informal ranks or Expert or Officer, once their identity is confirmed. Regular users will be able to publicly contact them using the web site’s internal means of communication.

The network already has over 10 000 users. The geographical mix is quite extensive: from Russian regions, CIS countries, and the near abroad, to Europe and the US. The network’s impressive reach already prompted an English-language version in the works.
‘With discussions of cybersecurity issues ongoing throughout its Internet conference, the social network has already lived up to its promise. We are distilling the reports posted by its users on a weekly basis and forwarding them to specialised police departments and other law enforcement agencies (around 50 reports per week).’ ‘These are potentially reports of cybercriminal activities,’ Safe Internet League Projects Coordinator Stanislav Skusov indicated receiving the Runet Prize award. ‘This award is bound to raise our level of responsibility towards our users. We are going to work towards making The Cyberguard an even more capable and user-friendly social networking site.’