Safe Internet League to Assess Safety of Search Engines


The Safe Internet League in partnership with the National Rating Agency has launched a joint project to assess the safety of search results of major Russian-language search engines. The two organisations are planning to regularly assess the results of search queries related to suicide, illegal drugs, and child pornography. The exercise will help determine which search engines are better at filtering out potentially harmful information, or otherwise.

«Search engines are some of the most popular online services the Internet has on offer, with huge numbers of users, many of them underage. And still, there are virtually no effective means of protecting the children from the negative content offered by search engines. Yes, there are a number of separate solutions, but no comprehensive system. To build such a system you need as accurate an assessment of the current state of affairs as possible. And that is why we are launching the search engine rating initiative», explained Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov.

Spearheading the project will be League and NRA analysts. The results of their assessment will go, first and foremost, to search engine operators themselves, so that they could improve their search and output algorithms. Secondly, they will be made available to the general public, so that responsible Internet users could choose the safest services.

«The results of the SIL-NRA Search Engine Safety Rating assessment are to be published annually, with the first joint report to come out by the end of 2013», said Mr Davydov. «In time, we are planning to extend the project to assessing security of online banking systems and the effectiveness of mobile carriers’ spam countermeasures».

National Rating Agency:

Established in 2002, NRA is one of Russia’s top rating agencies. NRA is included in the register of accredited agencies of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Currently, the Agency has assigned ratings to over 350 of its clients, with more than 800 companies and taking part in other information projects undertaken by the Agency The Agency is included in the register of accredited agencies of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The Agency’s ratings are officially recognised by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Federal Financial Markets Service, the MICEX stock exchange, the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Vneshekonombank, ROSNANO, Mortgage and Home Loan Agency, National Association of Stock Market Traders, National Securities Market Association, National Managers’ League, and the Association of Russian Banks.