Safe Internet League Launches Cybersecurity Classes


First-year students at the Omsk branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics have had their first lectures on cybersecurity, delivered to them by Safe Internet League volunteers. «The aim of these lectures is teach the coming generation that the Internet isn’t only about the necessary and useful information, about entertainment and communication. The Web can pose a real threat to them: there are web sites where they are promoting and selling illegal drugs, there is child pornography, there is promotion of suicide, and so on», says League volunteer Anna Zhen who is overseeing the lectures. «We are also planning to hold similar lectures for parents who sadly aren’t always paying attention to what their children are doing at their computers».

The lectures are the result of the Cybersecurity cooperation agreement signed by Omsk governor Viktor Nazarov and Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov on October 3. The Agreement provides for, among other things, developing joint educational programmes, introducing cutting-edge technologies to filter out online content harmful for children, and also lending the authorities’ support to the local branch of the Cyberguard, the association of volunteers committed to keeping the Internet clean. «Our volunteers are working hard to monitor the Web 24/7 to report unsafe web sites. For example, in these couple of months alone we have already uncovered some 20 sites offering to sell illegal drugs in Omsk, all of which have since been blocked», said Mrs Zhen.