Safe Internet League: “Any restrictions to privacy will still require court’s order”


«Any actions involving restricting Russian citizens’ right to secrecy of correspondence or telephone conversations, the right to privacy, and so on, will continue to require a court’s order, just as it does at the moment», says Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov. The comment follows a recent article by the Kommersant newspaper claiming the Russian Federal Security Service has given a green light to a draft Minkomsvyaz directive to ordering all Internet service providers to install the necessary hardware to enable them keeping a copy of all their users’ Internet traffic for a period of no less than 12 hours, for the intelligence services to have direct access to.

However, according to Mr Davydov, the directive features no radically new arrangements and is merely helping to bring the regulatory and legal framework up to date. «The new version of the directive has a number of amendments, like specifying the type of traffic contents to be retained, ensuring there is high-speed access to it, plus the providers’ liability for storing the data, and the minimum period for which they have to do so. One has to keep in mind that these steps are aimed at protecting the society from external and internal threats. The most important thing is to ensure they are enacted comprehensively, and not end up as window dressing», commented Mr Davydov.