Safe Internet League Institutes Journal to Support Russian Science


Russian Review is the name of the new scientific journal instituted by the Safe Internet League. The periodical would publish papers by Russian scientists and experts promoting them on the international stage. Publications will deal with subjects like cybersecurity, but also cover research in social science, economics, and jurisprudence, when carried out using the Internet. There is a scholarship to be awarded for best papers to help their authors pursue their research further.

«We nurtured the idea of such journal for quite some time», explained Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov. «As far as western Academia is concerned, Russian research papers very seldom make it beyond the national borders, you know. You have to observe the conventions in terms of structuring your paper to publish abroad, to prove you’re well-versed in prior research into the subject, but most importantly, that there is a degree of novelty in your research, facts no-one wrote about before you. We decided to institute our own scientific journal for Russian scholars to publish in, and distribute it abroad. Especially as, lately, there are lots of scholars in Russia doing absolutely world-class research, totally novel stuff. Our journal is for them. Compared to long established Western scientific journals, ours will make it relatively easy for them to get published, and noticed by the international expert community, and for their universities and organizations to take their place among the international Academia».

The journal’s maiden issue is set to come out January next year. The League is planning a circulation of 10 000 copies. Nearly all of them are expected to go out to reputable universities, research centres, and consulting organizations. Its content will be made up of the top five papers coming out of the scientific competition already announced at the journal’s web site, translated into English. The main requirement for its participants is to submit distinctly original, novel papers written for the scholarly reader. Top three papers will get their authors a scholarship of 300 000, 150 000, and 100 000 roubles (around $10 000, $5000, and $3000 USD) for the first, second, and third most interesting paper, respectively. The competition’s panel will be staffed by reputable scholars from leading Russian universities and think-tanks. Their names will remain undisclosed. The result will be announced at the journal’s web site after 16 December, 2013.

«A competition is the only way to find truly worthwhile papers», editor-in-chief the new periodical and assistant professor at Moscow State University’s Economics Department Magomet Yandiyev points out. «However, if of all the papers submitted only one is found worthy, that one will be the sole paper published. No-one is going to arbitrarily fill the contents up to the projected volume, that is out principled decision. As it is, our colleagues abroad are already highly sceptical Russian scholars are capable of writing anything of merit. Let us prevail over their stereotypes and help them form a modern view of Russian science».