Social Network for Cyberguards Launched


September the 2nd, 2013, marked the launch of the new Cyberguard social networking site  the first social network dedicated to issues of cybersecurity. Membership is open to any person ready to commit themselves to making the Web «clean» and secure, from Cyberguard volunteers to public officials and law enforcement officers. Its test run in August already attracted 2000 users.

The idea originated with members of the Cyberguard movement, supervised by the Safe Internet League. The Cyberguard unites tens of thousands of members of the public across Russia volunteering to detect dangerous content and report it using the League’s hotlines. The new social network will bring them closer together, facilitating communications and making them even more efficient, granting them direct access to the authorities and the law enforcement agencies whose representatives are also welcome to join it. «Our main goal is providing a single online platform for all those with a professional or personal interest in issues of public cybersecurity, and popularizing the subject», Safe Internet League Projects Coordinator Stanislav Skusov indicated.

Registration is free and requires only an e-mail address and a mobile phone. «It believe our social network will be of interest not only to Cyberguards themselves, but also to members of other organizations pursuing similar aims, and to parents with underage children», said Mr Skusov. Each new user will be promoted to «Cyberguard» informal rank, immediately gaining access to some sections of the specialized network. Those most active in combatting illegal content will be able to eventually rise up to «Tysyachnik» (Russian for «Captain of thousand men»), gaining permission to use all the online resources at Cyberguard’s disposal. Officials and law enforcement officers, also welcome to join the network, will have the corresponding informal ranks (though, of course, not revealing their personal details). Regular users will be able to publicly contact them using the web site’s internal means of communication.

Sergey, Moscow State University, 2nd year student («Cyberguard» rank):
«I personally hope this network will prove to be a good way of communicating both with law enforcement agencies and with like-minded users. I’m still a „Cyberguard“, but I’m sure I’ll be able to level up».

A law enforcement officer:
«Joining this network will make it easier for us to get reports of crimes committed online or using the Internet. I expect its users will help me and my colleagues in detecting and investigating Internet-related crimes. I personally believe such cooperation will be beneficial to our crime detection and prevention rates».