Safe Internet League CEO: “Internet is 3 to 5 per cent profanity”


«Profane language online must be tackled, but blocking whole web sites is an extreme, and so far untimely, measure» is the message coming from «The Cyberspace and the Profanity: Getting the Internet Rid of Obscene Language» panel discussion held last Monday at the RIA Novosti press centre.

«Around 3 to 5 per cent of all content generated online is profane language», claimed Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov quoting its organization’s statistics. «This is a startling figure, and one clearly indicating the problem is acute and needs to be tackled».

«Blocking the offending web sites, however, is an extreme measure that should be reserved for utter depravity like child pornography, encouragement of illegal drug use and suicide», pointed out Minkomsvyaz Department of Media Policy Deputy Head Arseniy Nedyak. His view was echoed by Ruslan Gattarov of the Federation Council Science, Education, Culture, and Media Policy Committee: «This would be like bug extermination by a nuclear bomb, too extreme a measure. There are other ways: self-regulation, moderation, parental control, filtering, and so on». All of which is already available for free thanks to the Safe Internet League: for example, the free Web filter developed by it, already chosen by some 1000 households worldwide, which filters out 98 per cent of illegal online content, including obscene language. «Parental control solutions like these need to be implemented universally», said Mr Nedyak.

«If the industry and the users do not address this issue on their own responsibility by standing up to online filth, the state would have no choice but to step in with appropriate legislatives measures», Mr Davydov pointed out.