Safe Internet League to Tackle Online Profanity


This August the top four Russian mobile carriers, as well as Group, Kaspersky Labs, and a number of other Safe Internet League members, are expected to receive a formal invitation to make the League’s profane language blocking filter part of their default service package. To comment on the move the League’s CEO Denis Davydov gave an interview to the ITAR-TASS news agency.

In it, Mr Davydov outlined the three options already available to Internet service providers and web site owners to filter out obscene language: blocking web pages containing profanity, proactively warning users who are about to access such a page, and removing the offending language from the rendered page.

«From a technical point of view, such filtering is already possible. People just have to come to an agreement regarding it. The League thinks it would be more efficient to make filtering the default option for individual users to opt out of, rather than the other way round. It all comes down to industry self-regulation. Plus, if cyberspace stays clean of profanity, there would be no case for legislative regulation by the state», explained Mr Davydov.

The League, he admitted, has its own software solution to the problem — a free online filter available at the organization’s web site. The League developed it as a means of «cleaning» the Internet of illegal content: pornography, scenes of violence and cruelty, promotion of illegal drug use and information on where to purchase illegal drugs, information on destructive sects, and obscene language as well.

«The sheer volume of obscenities overflowing the cyberspace is a serious problem, one that ought to be tackled. Opposing it is a worthy cause that we all must support. However, the name of the game must be industry self-regulation», stated Mr Davydov.

Curbing online profanity is to be the subject of the upcoming «Getting Rid of Internet Profanity: Self-regulation or Coercion?» panel discussion organized by the State Duma Family, Women, and Children Committee on July 29, 2013.