Safe Internet League CEO: “Tackling online profanity is community’s job”


«The sheer volume of obscenities overflowing the cyberspace is a serious problem, one that ought to be tackled. Opposing it is a worthy cause that we must all support. However, the name of the game must be industry self-regulation. Internet players must deploy effective and workable means of voluntary language filtering», Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov comments upon the possible moves to outlaw the use of profane language online.

It follows the State Duma Family and Children Committee Head Yelena Mizulina’s call for industry players to turn their attention to the excessive amount of profanity found online. And while currently no formal legislative measures are on the table, should the industry fail to tackle the problem by itself, such measures could be readily drafted.

«One way to tackle it might be to employ the free online filter developed by the Safe Internet League, already installed in around 1000 households», suggested Mr Davydov. The freeware solution is 98% effective at «filtering out» illegal online content, including pornography, scenes of violence and cruelty, promotion of illegal drug use and information on where to purchase illegal drugs, information on destructive sects, and obscene language. To install the filter a user must click on the «Free Web Filter for Parents» button on the Safe Internet League web site and follow the step-by-step instructions.