800+ Families Choose Safe Internet League Web Filter


«Last month 814 families chose to protect their home Internet with the help of the free Web filter provided by the Safe Internet League», announced League CEO Denis Davydov quoting the monthly figures.

Announced on the 18th of June 2013, the League’s software solution boasts 98 per cent filtering efficiency, ‘cleaning’ the Internet on a per-page basis, that is, blocking access to specific Web pages flagged by its semantic analysis engine as containing dangerous content. Content flagged as dangerous includes pornography (child pornography in particular), depictions of violence and cruelty, promotion of illegal drug use and information on where to purchase illegal drugs, online gambling, information on destructive sects, and obscene language.

To install the filter, a user must click on the «Free Web Filter for Parents» button on the Safe Internet League web site and follow the step-by-step instructions.

«Despite the holiday season, quite a number of parents took interest in our filter. This one month saw more than 800 downloads by users from 40 Russian regions, as well as from other countries, including Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Saudi Arabia, etc.», said Mr Davydov. «We were especially lucky to receive valuable user feedback that will contribute to further development». In particular, the League’s software engineers are already working to simplify set-up procedures even further, making the free Web filter as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. «In addition, we are working towards improving our filter’s performance when dealing with destructive pseudo-religious sects material. There is basic filtering already in place, but at the moment it is not discriminating enough. To make the filter smarter, the experts need to think through and clear new criteria for flagging such material», added Mr Davydov. The League expects to finalize the planned improvements by the end of summer, so that, come September, when most kids get back from holidays and back at their computers, the parents would have an improved effective weapon against online ‘filth’ at the ready.