Safe Internet League CEO: “Russia to Get IPTV for Parents”


An IPTV channel for parents — similar to the Europe’s is to be launched in Russia by the Safe Internet League.

«Our channel with stream video content useful for parents of children of all ages. We are going to address the issues that relate to every responsible parent: upbringing, child psychology, development, education, and the rest», explained the League’s CEO Denis Davydov. The idea behind the TV channel was born on a meeting of the League representatives and its European POSCON and Internet Service Providers Association (AFA) colleagues held the day before.

The new TV channel will place special emphasis on the issue of online protection of children, the main issue for the League and its European colleagues. «We are seeking to have more resources like, especially in the Russian-language Internet sector where, sadly, the dangerous and illegal content outnumbers the good, educational kind of material», says Mr Davydov.

The exchange of expertise between League and AFA experts also witnessed the visitors committing themselves to creating a French Cyberguard force, a European counterpart to the Russian Cyberguard, a volunteer force patrolling the Internet, established in 2011 by the Safe Internet League. The French, in turn, have introduced their Russian colleagues to the AFA experts commissioned by France’s Interior Ministry to develop technical tools for uncovering illicit content on the Internet and the persons responsible for its distribution.

«Fighting illegal content efficiently is possible only through joint effort. We are planning to extend our cooperation with our partners, not only in Europe, but in the US, too», added Mr Davydov.

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Internet Service Providers Association (AFA):
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