Safe Internet at Home with Safe Internet League Web Filter


A new high-efficiency solution for «home Internet» filtering has been unveiled by the Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov. Presented at the League’s press conference, its latest software product boasts 98 per cent illegal content filtering efficiency.

«The market is currently well stocked with Internet filters, both commercial and freeware. All these software products, however, have certain weaknesses.

Developing our very own solution, the League’s specialists made efforts to find the near-perfect balance between reliability and usability. Our solution operates on a per-page basis, that is, it blocks access to particular web pages with dangerous content, compared to rival products blocking whole web sites hosting the said content. This is the key distinguishing feature of our filter», told Mr Davydov to an ITAR-TASS press centre audience.

The filtering is done on the basis of the semantic analysis of page content. Among the materials it classifies as objectionable are pornography (including child pornography), scenes of violence and cruelty, promotion of illegal drug use, information on where to purchase illegal drugs, online gambling, information on destructive sects, obscene language (the filter edits the offending words out). In addition to that, users will be able to form their own whitelists of web sites they regards as safe and blacklists of URL to be blocked by default, with the option to automatically update them with the ones compiled Roskomnadzor.

Offered free of charge to every Russian parent, the filter’s controls are user-friendly and easy to set up. To do so one must click the «Free Web Filter for parents» button on the Safe Internet League web site’s title page or paste the URL into any web browser and follow the step-by-step instructions. The filter is a flexible solution offering parents the choice which type of material should their children have access to, or otherwise. «If you don’t want your child to encounter violent scenes, simply tick the relevant box off», says Mr Davydov.
«Making this kind of solution accessible and popular would enable us to protect Russian children from dangerous content, something that nearly 70 per cent of them are encountering daily» [according to EU Kids Online II figures], claims Mr Davydov. «It is vital that Russian schools implement this filter, something we are already discussing with several regional educational authorities».

Expert feedback

Elena Mizulina, Russian State Duma’s Women, Families, and Children Affairs Committee Chairperson:
«To me personally it is important that conscientious, responsible parents are finally getting the tools to protect their own children from the filth there is online. It is important that despite the Safe Internet League offering its product free of charge, it is fully functioning and effective, while at the same time smart and very easy to operate: even people without deep IT skills will be able to use it».

Vladimir Pikov, Roskomnadszor Deputy Head:
«We are 100% behind the League and other organizations who try to provide our children with healthy environment to grow up and develop in. I am convinced that only through converted efforts by both the state and the civil society, with the active participation of the parents, can serious progress in this field be achieved».