Safe Internet League CEO: “Russian Internet must be cleansed of hentai”


An expert analysis of hentai, the notorious Japanese pornographic cartoon genre, has been carried out by the Safe Internet League. «Our experts unanimously concluded that some of the characters featured in these cartoons are clearly children, with the plot itself revolving around the abuse of children specifically», says the League’s CEO Denis Davydov. «The results of our findings submitted to Roskomnadzor are to form the basis for the upcoming decision to put links to hentai web sites on the official Blacklist. Should web site owners then fail to remove the offending content, they will have access to their web sites blocked, as well as face criminal charges themselves».

It should be explained that this April Roskomnadzor’s Internet hotline has received a number of complaints about Japanese hentai cartoons — 16 instances in total — hosted primarily on Russian social networking web sites. A person making lodging the complaints claimed some of the characters in these cartoons looked like children. A complex assessment of the material to has been carried out by the Safe Internet League Expert Centre to detect any illegal content. «Being a non-profit organization, the League offers Roskomnadzor voluntary assistance in conducting such expert studies and assessments, as provided for by our formal agreement», explained Mr Davydov.

The Expert Centre’s team of specialists was composed of an educational psychologist, a cultural anthropologist, a physician, and a technical expert. All of them had had further professional training in forensic sexology. «The experts had to answer three questions: were the web sites in question containing material of pornographic nature; which age groups these still, animated, and video materials depicted; and was access to the materials restricted», the Expert Centre’s Director Anton Kuznetsov explained. «The analysis established that cartoons hosted at 13 out 16 web sites reported contained pornographic images of minors aged below 14 and 18. There was no restriction on accessing the material whatsoever». Moreover, the experts are positive that hentai cartoons have no intrinsic artistic, educational, or cultural value to them, and in fact are not aimed at accomplishing any artistic or educational aims.

The League’s team of experts have submitted its findings to Roskomnadzor, and also to the law enforcement authorities in order for them to prosecute the persons responsible for distribution of materials of pornographic nature involving minors (Article 242(1) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

«We are prepared, if necessary, to uphold our assessment in the court of law. Russian Internet must be cleansed of dangerous illicit materials», says Mr Davydov.