League Internet literacy classes approved by Ministry for Education and Science


Teaching aid packages developed by the Safe Internet League for online safety classes have been approved and recommended for use in schools by Russia’s Ministry for Education and Science. In particular, the Ministry’s specialized online platform for elementary and secondary-level education teaching aid and classroom materials at fpu.edu.ru now features a section dedicated to the National online safety class for schoolchildren programme, developed by Safe Internet League specialists. It includes presentation slides for running elementary, middle and high school Internet literacy classes, student tests, and teacher guidelines.

‘It is entirely obvious that not every Russian school has a teacher who can teach Internet literacy. Our classes were designed to be usable at any level of professional training. They come with detailed instructions, scripted lessons, ready-made presentation slides you can demonstrate in the classroom, and recommendations on what to tell the children and how better to do so.

Elementary-level classes are easier and more accessible, with colourful textbooks and an emphasis on learning though play. High school students will hear more about online threats, the way they affect user psyche, etc.’ explained Safe Internet League Chairman of the Board Denis Davydov.