Chechnya gets own branch of Cyberguard


A regional branch of the Cyberguard civic movement has been opened in the Chechen Republic. Young Cyberguard volunteers from the North Caucasus republic will be combatting dangerous online content and raising Internet literacy among their Chechen peers.

Created in 2011 by the Safe Internet League, the Cyberguard movement now welcomes more than 20 000 volunteers from across Russia and CIS countries committed to fighting dangerous online content, as well as helping law enforcement agencies in uncovering cybercrime and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Its members helped launch 1500 criminal cases against people distributing child pornography, block 1000 websites selling illegal drugs, and solve 10 cases of serial paedophiles.

It is worth noting that, encountering dangerous online content, Cyberguards can report it using the Safe Internet League’s hotline service. The information will then be assessed by League experts and, if confirmed, website owners would be contacted suggesting the illegal content to be removed. Otherwise the information goes to the relevant authorities (the Prosecutor General’s Office in cases of extremism and separatism, Rospotrebnadzor for propaganda of suicide, the Federal Drug Control Service for propaganda of narcotics, or Roskomnadzor for child pornography) for the website to be blocked.