Safe Internet League sets up extremism and separatism hotline

A new hotline for reporting Web pages containing extremist and separatist information has been set up at the Safe Internet League’s official website. Under an agreement between the organization and the Ministry for the Press and Information of Dagestan, the reports are to be examined by League specialists in cooperation with anti-extremism experts from the Republic.

It is to be recalled that at an annual Cyberguard national meeting this August the Safe Internet League announced it was expanding its Internet operations to encompass combating not only child pornography and promotion of illegal drugs and suicide but also separatist and extremist activities online. A new hotline was among the measures announced.

The extremism and separatism hotline is operated like the rest of the League’s hotlines. F Cyberguard volunteer or any conscientious citizen can report Web pages containing dangerous extremist and separatist content. The organization’s specialists would analyse the reports and, if the information is confirmed, approach the page’s owner directly suggesting the illegal content be deleted.

Should it fail to be deleted, the link will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office (the body authorized to deal with distribution of extremist and separatist information under) for it to be blocked” explained Safe Internet League Chairman of the Board Denis Davydov. According to Mr Davydov, League specialists will work alongside social scientists, linguists, law enforcement officers and representatives of the government of the Republic of Dagestan. “The issue of separatism and extremism is the most acute problem for the Russian Federation at the moment. Our Dagestani colleagues have a great deal of experience in tackling extremist and terrorist threats. I believe their expert support will prove most professional” explained Denis Davydov.

“Extremism and terrorism are not tied to any particular region, nor do their have a religion or a nationality. We are well aware of this fact in our multi-faith and multi-national Republic of Dagestan, which is a microcosm of Russia. Solving these problems here will give us a method of solving them at the level of the whole country. Involving NGOs and public organizations like the Safe Internet League means our society is ready to actively fight extremist ideology. We in Dagestan are well aware of how fundamental this issue is. In particular, Head of the Republic of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov has repeatedly stressed that terrorism, although fought with by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies, can only be vanquished, or, rather, overcome by the society itself” noted the Republic’s Minister for the Press and Information Aznaur Adzhiyev.