Police: In 2014 Cyberguard helped uncover 375 child pornography cases


2014 saw Russian law enforcement agencies open 860 criminal cases of distribution of child pornography. According to Russia’s Interior Ministry’s figures obtained by the Safe Internet League, 375 of these cases were uncovered with the help of members of the Cyberguard volunteer movement.

Established by the Safe Internet League, the Cyberguard is a public organization that unites volunteers monitoring the Internet for criminal activities and reporting them to the authorities. Most of these deal with activities that could harm children, like production and distribution of child pornography. «Our guys are actively monitoring the Internet, the various forums, social networks, photo and video websites, and, should they find a user posting suspicious materials, report it to the police» explained Safe Internet League CEO Denis Davydov.

In 2014 Russia’s Interior Ministry launched 860 criminal investigations into distribution of child pornography, 375 of which cases were uncovered with the help of Cyberguard volunteers. Most of the illegal pornographic materials were distributed via the Internet, with the criminals openly publishing the underage images on various websites. Under Article 242.1 of the Criminal Code the perpetrators face prison terms of 2 to 8 years.

Ministry officials also informed that there were 23 cases of production of pornographic materials involving children in 2014. Four of these were uncovered with the direct assistance of Cyberguards. The perpetrators will be facing 8 to 15 years in prison (Article 242.2 of the Criminal Code).

It will be remembered that last year Cyberguard volunteers took part in uncovering several high-profile cases of serial paedophilia:

  • Aleksandr Pozdeyev, Head of the Volsk (Saratov region) branch of the Technical school of agrobusiness, sentenced to 15 years for child abuse. Confirmed victims include 10 teenagers aged 11 to 16, wards of the local orphanages. This paedophile’s guilt was established, in part, thanks to the materials collected by the Cyberguards.
  • Staff of the KID-Club and Kids Projects tour operators, the five members with their head Vasiliy Voyts. The Cyberguard was tracking these paedophiles since 2011, observing their activities on paedophile online forums, etc. Once they collected enough evidence, the Cyberguards submitted the information to the Interior Ministry’s Main Directorate for Criminal Investigation.
  • Вожатый.RU, a website recruiting youth leaders for children’s summer camps, also established by Vasiliy Voyts. The Safe Internet League will be approaching the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office for them to look into the website and the activities of all the youth leaders recruited though it.