New League project: National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children


A new association that would use Internet technologies to unite the efforts of state bodes and volunteers working to find missing children is being established in Russia.

The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children has been founded by Pavel Astakhov’s Association of Children’s Ombudsmen, together with the Safe Internet League and the NPO Monitoring Centre. The CEO of the organization, already present in 23 regions of Russia, is Stanislav Skusov, head of the Cyberguard (Safe Internet League’s project aimed at fighting online child pornography). 

Its main goal is to create a unified sustainable system for searching for missing and exploited children, doing so by joining the efforts of law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and volunteer organizations.

«Speaking in general, our goal is to bring down the number of missing and exploited children» said Mr Skusov, explaining that the Centre will be using new technologies such as drones, CCTV cameras, and a specialized app to conduct field searches. The association is planning on drawing in not only government agencies and volunteers, but also health and social service organizations, children’s ombudsmen, NGOs and public organizations, mass media, and the Russian Orthodox Church. On top of that, the Centre will be doing prevention work — running workshops, personal safety classes for children and adults, commissioning social ads.

The new organisation’s CEO says it will not duplicate the work of the Safe Internet League. «Our Association was the logical extension of the League’s core activity» explains Mr Skusov. «We are effectively employing the experience we accumulated working on online child safety within the Association’s scope. This applies both to the technical apparatus (the software and hardware complex developed by League specialists, still unparalleled in Russia) and the League’s skills in cooperating with volunteer organizations».