About Us

The Safe Internet League is the largest and most reputable Russian organization fighting dangerous Web content. Our aim is to eradicate dangerous content through community action by IT professionals, industry players, and regular Internet users.
Our mission mission is complete eradication of dangerous online content by making the professional community and industry players adopt self-regulation, to avoid censorship.

To accomplish this members of the League undertake the following tasks:
  • Fighting the dissemination of dangerous Web content using every means available;
  • Uniting the professional community and industry players to work out self-regulation mechanisms in order to avoid top-down regulation and Internet censorship;
  • Providing genuine help to children and teenagers victimized by the spread of dangerous Internet content;
  • Assisting the authorities in tackling web site owners who are creating and distributing dangerous content – child pornography, materials encouraging violence and illegal drug use;
  • Participating in drawing up legislation aimed at eradicating dangerous Internet content.

Our commitments:
  • Members join the League by voluntarily committing themselves to act according to its Charter;
  • League membership is open to any individual or organization, business, non-profit or media, able and willing to contribute to fighting dangerous Internet content;
  • Members commit themselves to continually fight dangerous Internet content using every means available;
  • Members commit themselves to finding and applying new grassroots-level ways and techniques of fighting dangerous content, according to resources available to them;
  • Members of the League include leading telecom providers, IT and Internet businesses, public organizations.

The League was endorsed by the Russian Minkomsvyaz (Ministry for Communications), its Board of Trustees headed by Mr Igor Schegolev, aide to President of the Russian Federation.

The League was founded by the Saint Basil the Great Charity Foundation.